Is This Summer Or Fall? :/

New Outfit. French Class.

New In! My Purses Are Here! And I Love Them!

New Hairstyle! And From Now On You Can Follow Me On Facebook!

Today Something More Romantic Than Yesterday.

All in turquoise and NEW IN

Druga Blog Nagrada! Second Blog Award!

D&G Fall 2011 skirts! I want them ALL!

I officially have 100 followers now! Tnx, people!! :)

Balmain Fall 2011



Tašnarija-Hoces i ti svoju tasnu?! xD


Extreme Intimo, od sada sa nama i na plazi

Emilie Marie Nereng sa bloga VOE

Emilie je petnaestogodisnjakinja iz Norveske koja pise na svom blogu VOE o svom svakodnevnom zivotu i stvarima koje je interesuju. 

Modne stvarcice

Emma Watson outfits

that's just me!